IGS/ISS / Constitution of The ISS

Constitution of The International Sika Deer Society

§ 1
Name, Registered Office, Financial Year
The Society shall be named "The International Sika Deer Society“, hereinafter referred to as ISS.
The Registered Office of the Society shall be the place of residence of the incumbent chairman.
The financial year shall be the calendar year.
§ 2
Purpose and Aims
The ISS will endeavour to record stocks of Sika, their zoology and exploitation by humans. Accordingly, the Society promotes the following aims:
1. The establishment, promoting and fostering of contacts with persons and organisations interested, in the widest sense, in Sika (e.g. scientists, hunters, naturelovers and landowners).
2. Collection of information and the publication in a loose-leaf collection and in the ISS Homepage on the internet.
3. Close cooperation between science and practice.
§ 3
Membership is open to individuals and organisations. Admission shall be decided by the Chairman.
§ 4
Expiration of Membership
Membership ceases:
1. By resignation at the end of the year. The chairman must be notified in writing by the 30th of september.
2. By expulsion, if the member fails to fulfill his obligations to the ISS; expulsion is affected by resolution of the committee.
3. On the death of a member.
§ 5
Structure Executive bodies of the ISS:
Executive bodies of the ISS:
1. The General Assembly
2. The Committee
§ 6
General Assembly
The General Assembly takes place every two years. Invitations are sent by the Committee with two months notice. Items to be put on the agenda or any statements to be made are to be submitted in writing to the Chairman at least three months before Assembly.
The General Assembly receives the activity reports from the Committee and working groups.
It decides on:
1. Annual subscriptions.
2. The next meeting place.
3. Outline-programmes, coordinated within the interests of science and practice.
It approves:
1. The two years accounts.
2. The budget for the next two years.
It elects the following for a period of four years:
1. The Committee, consisting the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the treasurer, the Secretary, and two other committee members
2. The representative of the treasurer
3. The Editor
4. The Auditor and his representative
5. The National Scientific Advisors.
Nominations should, as far as possible, take into account the multi-lingual nature of the ISS (German, English and French) as well as Committee-Members places of residence.
§ 7
Elections and Voting
There is no quorum requirement for the General Assembly and the Committee. Members not able to take part can authorise other members, in writing, to act for them.
Elections and voting can be by open ballot (acclamation, show of hands) or, when one fifth of those present entitled to vote so desire, by secret ballot (ballot paper).
A candidate is elected if he receives the majority of valid votes cast. The same applies analogously to the passing of resolutions.
Should no majority be achieved, the Chairman casts one vote, and all the others have one-tenth of a vote. Should there still be no majority; the resolution is regarded as rejected.
§ 8
Apportionment of Responsibilities
1. The Chairman is representing the ISS and is in chair at all meetings. In the case of his absence the Vice-Chairman will represent him.
2. The Committee organises the General Assembly, executes the resolutions and provides a yearly progress report. If necessary the reports of any commissions or working groups have to be included.
Urgent resolutions can be passed between General Assemblies after discussion and agreement between the Chairman and his representative. They have to be announced in the next General Assembly.
3. The Treasurer manages the finances, is in charge of the membership register and controls the receipt of the membership fees.
4. The Auditor executes the cash audit before a General Assembly takes place, submits the Auditors report to the Chairman, reports to the General Assembly and moves for the discharge of the Committee.
5. The Editor attends to the care of the monograph and the internet website. He has an advisory vote in the Committee.
6. For specific tasks the Committee can install special groups with temporary mandate. They have advisory votes in the Committee.
§ 9
Subscriptions and Funds
No activity aimed shall be carried out for profit. Membership fees may only be used to cover the costs resulting from activities within § 2.
Work within the executive bodies of the ISS is on honorary basis. In exceptional instances, the General Assembly can approve a contribution to out-of-pocket expenses for certain projects.
Membership fees for the current year are to be remitted by 31st January, if possible by bank transfer.
The Chairman may exempt active members from paying subscriptions in instance of financial hardship or when other reasons warrant waving the subscriptions.
Should unfavourable exchange rates considerably increase these costs, payment can be made cash at the next Members' Meeting. If a subscription remains unpaid for more than three years, a warning will be given with a demand for payment. A third demand will include a warning of cessation of membership, if payment is not made by the next Members' Meeting. Should no payment of arrears be received by then, a letter terminating membership will be sent.
Retiring or excluded members have no claim whatsoever against the ISS.
Should the ISS be disbanded, any available assets are to be made over to an institution which cares for the preservation of sika deer.
§ 10
Claims on the ISS of any sort are excluded. This also applies to claims for damages resulting from participation in events organised by the ISS. 
§ 11
Alterations to the Constitution
Any alteration to the Constitution must be put on the agenda of a General Assembly. It is to be notified to the Chairman, in writing, three months before the assembly takes place and is regarded as accepted, if two-thirds of members present are in favour.
§ 12
Dissolution of the ISS
Dissolution must be on the agenda of a General Meeting. It is to be notified to the Chairman, in writing, three months before the assembly takes place. Dissolution must be agreed with a two-thirds majority of all members.
§ 13
Final Clause
The International Sika Deer Society was founded within the German/Swiss language areas. Should varying interpretations arise due to the translation of this Constitution into other languages, then the German version is definitive.
The above Constitution was approved in the General Assembly on 22.05.2009 in Plzen (CZ). It replaces the Constitution dated 18.05.2007 in Weserbergland (D).